Employer's Agent

The term 'Employer's Agent' is used to describe an agent acting on behalf of the client as the contract administrator for a specific form of contract known as design and build (See Contract Administrator details).  Design and Build is used where the building contractor takes on the risk and responsibility for the complete design and construction of the project.

The Employer's Agents role usually begins much earlier than that of the Contract Administrator, usually at tender stage, and we will advise and help the client with the selection of the design team/contractor, collating contract documents for execution and implement change control procedures.

After the contract has been awarded the Employer's Agents role as contract administrator may include:

  • Issuing instructions
  • Coordinating the review of information prepared by the contractor
  • Considering items submitted by the contractor for approval, as required by the employer's requirements
  • Managing change control procedures
  • Reviewing the progress of the works and preparing reports for the client
  • Validating or certifying payments
  • Considering claims
  • Monitoring commissioning and inspections
  • Arranging handover
  • Certifying practical completion
  • Bringing defects to the attention of the contractor
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects
  • Agreeing the final account