Contract Administration

In the construction industry, the Contract Administrator is the individual responsible for administering the construction contract. The purpose of employing a construction professional, is to give the employer the benefit of that professional's skill and experience.

The person appointed has the responsibility for two separate functions: translating the employer's needs by providing necessary information to the contractor and then administrating the building contract, by monitoring the contractor's work in executing the design.  This is carried out to ensure that the work complies with the designer's intentions and meets the required standard of workmanship and quality.

Although they are generally appointed by the client or employer, when giving an assessment or decision they should act fairly between parties and exercise independent judgement.

Depending on the exact nature of their appointment, the Contract Administrator's role might include:

  • Inviting and processing tenders
  • Preparing contract documents for execution
  • Administrating change control procedures
  • Seeking instructions from the client in relation to the contract
  • Issuing instructions such as variations of directions
  • Considering claims, such as claim for extension of time
  • Chairing construction progress meetings
  • Preparing and issuing construction progress reports
  • Agreeing defects reporting procedures
  • Ensuring that project documentation is issued to the client
  • Issuing interim certificates for payment
  • Issuing practical completion certificates
  • Collating and issuing schedules of defects
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects
  • Agreeing on the final account and issuing the final certificate